MB Eau De Cologne 寶寶記憶香水 (code: MB12438)



· 清新果香、花香香味,配方不含刺激成分,特別為寶寶研發,亦適合敏感肌膚 · 由於沒有酒精,即使在寶寶初生開始也可以放心地使用mister Baby寶寶香水 使用方法及建議 · 約3滴倒在手上,輕輕按摩到寶寶的皮膚 活性成份 · NMF7 100ml __________________ A fresh and fruity floral fragrance that gives a scent to the littles ones and awakens memories in adults. Its formula, not irritating and specially studied for your baby, is suitable for sensitive skin. Mister Baby Eau de Cologne can be used starting from the first months thanks to the absence of alcohol to pleasantly end the everyday cleaning routine. How to use: Pour some drops of the product on the hand and gently massage into the skin of the baby. Active ingredients: NMF7 100ml

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